Sunday, August 17, 2008

Character Design, Graphic Novel, Editorial Cartoons, Illustrations, & Gallery Exhibitions

Click here to see graphic novel and other illustration samples. 

The above are character designs for my graphic novel. The first series of slides in this photo stream are the first few pages of my graphic novel, Image of the Invisible. It is a work in progress. Pen and Ink on Bristol. The beginning of the slide show shows my present logo. I got it off aplastic cup I drew on at a rooftop party in Astoria. Thanks Joachim, great party! The following works are other samples ranging from illustrations for posters and t-shirts to movie props. The Last series in this stream is an 8 feet high and 8 feet wide drawing piece exhibited in the Pearl Street Gallery in DUMBO Brooklyn in the Found in Transition show. Sorry about the horrible quality. I plan to do an all day scanning marathon with this piece when i get the chance. I enjoyed this piece very much and it ties in with my graphic novel.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hand pencilled, hand inked Movie 80's Poster Series

Here is the sketch that I will soon be inking. This one has been planned out better that the Return to Oz piece. I like the composition better and I am looking forward to inking it but also am a little scared of messing it up. But I just gotta do it.
Ok the inking is done. Still needs work. Thinking of trying to color it in digitally later. This movie was my choice since it is one of my favorites.

Return to Oz...Joanne's movie choice and Birthday present. (You can pick it up any time, Joanne. The original is 11"X14", and I don't have a folder or backing unfortunately, so if you have any cardboard from the school you might think about getting one to protect it.) I hope you like it. I'm a bit rusty in my inking. Sung Ryen suggested I make Dorthy pop out more and I think I was able to do that, I would still like to add a bit more depth to places, but then again no...This is micron pen and brush pen on Strathmore Bristol.

The Movie is by Disney and it came out in 1985 starring Fairuza Balk and directed by Walter Murch, based on the Frank L. Baum's novles about Oz.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Samples of Editorial Cartoons for Teachers College Record

These first two are some samples of the editorial cartoons I did for the Teachers College Record. This last one, below, was suppose to be but later was turned into an actual going away card for Mr. Arthur Levine when he left Teachers College.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Spolaryum, 8’x 9’ drawing piece, Pearl Street Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Sorry for the bad quality, will be putting up better quality in the future...

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Whole piece

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Closer and Center

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Bottom Middle Portion

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Bottom Left Portion

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Teachers College Annual Report 2006 Magazine Illustration

Teachers College Annual Report 2006, Rip Van Winkle, 2006 by Arthur Levine