Sunday, December 28, 2008

Super teachers: KLONA!

The one that started it all! I believe this piece was what helped us get work with Eduwonkette! This one a bit tricky to write because I was trying to make the deadline so I had to make sure I had to make sure I kept the dialogue from going father than our resources. With a couple of late nights of drawing and working on sound, our motley animation studio was able to pump this out in less than two weeks thanks to Skye MacLeod for the huge amount of animation work, Josh for the voice of the narrator, and some animation for the wristband console and the amazing theme music, James Phillips for some of the backgrounds, the logo, the copy machine symbols and also for that awesome console design, Evan Weintraub for great image research and vectorizing of backgrounds and objects, Joachim Castellano for audio feng shui, and the intro animation, and to everyone who contributed to the script. Let us know what you think!

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