Monday, December 29, 2008

Eduwonkette Animation & Storyboards

It was a great honor for me to co-produce an animated piece on Eduwonkette! Her site can be found here. Simon Doolittle came up with a fantastic script and from there Istoryboarded and then with the virtual viglante's blessing herself, I dove into much drawing and animating. Much thanks to Skye MacLeod and Josh Anderson for their expertise with Anime Studio Pro and making her type and walk with a natural gait. And Josh with his great narrator voice and fine tuned music, along with Simon's fantastic nerdy voice I think we came up with something entertaining. Much thanks to Simon for helping get the rhythm of the yawn down. (Another week another tweak!) Thanks to Joachim Castellano for the help with the sound and getting that voice echo modulation.

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